Sod Installation


Thorn Lawn has become a specialized kind of company in SOD Installation for the reason that we really understand and truly perfect our sod installation process in a more sophisticated science. We take into consideration all factors of a healthy lawn including soil compounds, microclimate, pH levels, environment, lawn traffic and so on, making sod Installation our specialty as well as all of the landscape services to compliment it.

Thorn is your #1 choice for sod installation. We have a dedicated, professional crew with a tried and trusted program for giving you the lawn you’ve always wanted. There is no job too big for us whether it’s a large residential lawn or a new business complex we can remove an old lawn and install fresh sod in a very routine, professional manner. Thorn specializes in soil compounds and the best sod to go along with it to give the best customer satisfaction possible. Thorn installs the highest quality sod from the best organic producers around. Whether you would like the most common dark green St. Augustine, a beautiful variety of Zoysia, low-maintenance Centipede or a very nice looking, low-cut Bermuda, we can make it happen.

The Process

If you are looking for a quick fix for your lawn, Thorn is not the company to contact. Thorn has broken down the entire process into a Sod Installation Science. Everyone at our company from the newest employee to the foremen, technicians, owners and even our office staff 100% understand our Sod Installation Process and why it’s so important to our company and to our customers. Thorn Lawn does the job right the first time and you will not be disappointed. A “Thorn Lawn” truly is your “Superior Sod Solution!”

Call for a FREE, no obligation quote
We will come by to review your request and get measurements. Once the measurements are taken we will put together a very detailed in-depth quote that outlines exactly how much topsoil, Sod and all of the logistical aspects of the project as well as advise you on the proper Sod type that will best suit your lawn.

Soil pH Test (*Upon Customer Request)
We will perform a soil test to determine if we need to correct any pH levels either by the addition of lime, (amount determined by the level of acidity which would be a pH of 6 or below) or adding sulfur or gypsum (if it is a Alkaline soil with a pH of 7.5 or higher.)

Prep & Flag
The day prior to installation we do our “prep,” which is clearing the area to be replaced of all materials, rocks, stumps, etc. and place fluorescent flags to mark any irrigation heads, water lines, electrical lines or anything that needs to be avoided. We then strip away the top layer of old sod and haul it away.

Tilling (*Depending on soil composition)
Prior to adding topsoil we will till to a depth of about 2”which will alleviate subsoil compaction and allow the topsoil to bond with the subsoil which improves water movement and root penetration. This will also help control annual weeds.

Fresh, fully decomposed organic topsoil will be added to achieve a total depth of 4-6″.

Starter Fertilizer
A starter fertilizer that is high in phosphate will be worked into the soil. The fertilizer will be mixed to a depth of 4” to prevent any root injury to the new sod.

Grade and Roll
The entire work area is then perfectly graded for drainage and evenness then smoothed with a lawn roller to reveal and fill any low spots that would otherwise go unnoticed with a general grading.

The lawn is now ready for the sod to be laid down, the fastest and easiest part of the process. With this degree of time and dedication we give your lawn and soil it will result in less maintenance, smaller quantities of water needed and less fertilizer and pesticide. Your new lawn will grow very dense and recover much quicker from heavy traffic. Investing in a THORN LAWN will ensure your satisfaction for years to come.


All warranty and after care instructions are unique to each client’s property as soil, sunlight, lawn traffic, proper irrigation, season, and proper lawn maintenance procedures play a role in the overall health of new SOD. Our liability shall be limited to the replacement of any sod received and installed in a defective condition and reported to us within 24 hours of receipt. We hereby disclaim all other warranties or liability. If after 24 hours, you can still contact us for advice and if the problem sounds like the SOD is not taking root properly we will always give the benefit of the doubt you have followed proper care instructions and we will come back to advise or situation dependent replace faulty SOD.


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